Myth About Jeremy Lin


There are a ton of myth and misconceptions about Jeremy Lin.  Even today, there are people still making the following statements about Jeremy Lin:

  • Jeremy Lin is an average athlete
  • Jeremy Lin is not quick enough
  • Jeremy Lin can’t compete with all athletic guards in the NBA
  • Jeremy Lin is a bad defensive player
  • Jeremy Lin is not a starter but a bench player

The Truth

It seems people simply can’t see past his skin color.  Here is the truth:

Jeremy Lin is not quick or explosive

Jeremy Lin is one of the most explosive and quickest guards in the entire NBA.  Yeah I know you just went “what” since he is Asian.  You, along with majority of people growing up on Western USA media, have a hard time looking past stereotypes when it comes to Asians.  It is so INGRAINED into people’s head they almost believe it is the truth.  It is just part of the experience every Asian American has to go through growing up in a society that promotes racism and judging people based on the color of their skins.

Don’t take my words for it, how about words directly from Houston GM who measured every athletic explosiveness of players for 3-4 years in Houston while Lin played there?  That means guys like James Harden, Patrick Beverly, and rest of the Houston Rockets aren’t as explosive or quick as Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin is not athletic

During NBA pre-draft, NBA measured every player in many different categories such as acceleration, lateral quickness, forward speed etc.  Jeremy Lin came in first or second against players like Derrick Rose, John Wall, and Kyrie Irving.  He is right there with Rose and Wall and quicker than Irving.  I know no one will believe that in America, but numbers don’t lie.

Jeremy Lin is not a good defensive player

We have no idea why Jeremy Lin got this reputation.  Jeremy Lin has improved his defense greatly.  In fact, he is one of the better perimeter defensive players on the Hornets this past year and Hornets are ranked #8 in league defense.  Here is an article analyzing his defense:

Here are the comments from the article that summarized it all:

I have no idea why the Knicks would think that Lin’s defense is gaping. He has improved mightily on that end of the floor. He also averaged the second most blocks among point guards this past year with 0.54 blocks per game. He also averaged 0.7 steals per game. Jeremy was one of the best perimeter defenders on the Hornets this past season and he helped lead Charlotte to a top-10 defense in the NBA.

After having a reputation of being bad defensively, the stigma still has not left Lin’s side. It is clear that the narrative has been written on Jeremy and it isn’t set to change any time soon. But it is clear that he is a better defender than he has been in the past. He is not a liability on that end of the floor.

Here is what Lin’s own coach Steve Clifford said about Lin and his defense:

Jeremy Lin is not a starter but a bench player

We have no idea why this stigma continues to haunt Lin.  Look at his starter stats in 2016 when has the ball in his hands.

I get it, white Hollywood have created so many horrible stereotypes about Asians that it is impossible for the uneducated to see the truth.  There are so many emasculating stereotypes about Asian men that most people can’t believe that an Asian man can be more athletic than some of the fastest black men on earth.  Well, numbers simply don’t lie and Jeremy Lin is the living proof of that.  If there is one Jeremy Lin, there are many other Asian athletes who can just be just as athletic and quick as him.

Jeremy as a starter when one of his “star” teammates is injured

Lin has started 33 games in his career when Melo, Harden, Kemba or Batum were hurt. Most importantly, his teams went 23-10 in those 33 games, without their stars, a better record than when the stars were in the lineup — and that was true for each team. Second, only 8 of those 33 games were during Linsanity with the Knicks. The Linsanity games don’t look much different from the other 25 games, statistically. Finally, the stats themselves: 20.4 ppg, 6.4 apg, 3.7 rpg, 48% shooting, 44% 3-point shooting.

2016 Free Agency

Lin is reaching his prime as an athlete.  He needs to find a situation, with the right coach, that’s willing to maximize his skill set.  He should not take any more discounts like he did the past year with Charlotte.  For 2016 free agency, Lin needs to find a team and a coach who believes in him.  He needs to find a starting NBA job in his prime.  Most importantly, he deserves to be PAID.


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